Performances by Gustav Mahler


  • 1880: Gustav Mahlers first major finished work is written in 1880. It was in a two-part version that the work was published and entered the repertoire.
  • 1881: Rejected for Beethoven Prize. See Franz Liszt (1811-1886).
  • 1883: Rejected for Tonkunstlerversammlung des ADM. See Franz Liszt (1811-1886).
  • 1893: The first revision of the work took place in the second half of 1893. This featured a significant reduction and re-arrangement of the orchestral and vocal forces, with the number of harps in the first part being reduced from six to two, and the vocal soloists from eleven to four. The boys’ voices were also removed. The offstage orchestra, which had played an important role in the original score, was also completely removed from the second and third parts. In spite of having lavished such detailed effort on revising the work's first part, Mahler then decided (Autumn 1893) to omit it completely.
  • 1898: Further revisions to what was now a work in two parts (after the omission of the original first part) were made between September and December. At this point, Mahler’s previous decision to remove the offstage brass was reversed.
  • 1899: The 1898 revisions were in fact so extensive that Mahler had to write out an entirely new manuscript score.
  • Vocal score with piano reduction by Josef von Woss (1863-1943).
  • 1969: Once the manuscript of the original three-part version came to light in 1969, the earlier score came to be regularly performed and recorded as well.
  • Lied 1: Waldmarchen (Forest Legend) 28.08
  • Lied 2: Der Spielmann (The Minstrel) 17.38
  • Lied 3: Hochzeitsstuck (Wedding Piece) 1832


Das Klagende Lied. Publication by Weinberger music publishers.

  • 1997 The score of the three-part version was published as part of the Gustav Mahler Edition in 1997.


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