1. Budapest: 1889 Concert Budapest 20-11-1889 - Symphony No. 1 (Premiere): Symphonic poem. In two parts and 5 movements: Part I: 1. Introduction and Allegro commodo. 2. Andante. 3. Scherzo. Part II: 4. A la pompes funebres, attacca. 5. Molto appassionato. Five movement version, later four; originally a symphonic poem, given title "Titan" at second performance, title later discarded; in revisions 1893-1896 "Blumine" andante withdrawn. First performance.
  2. Hamburg: Titan: 1893 Concert Hamburg 27-10-1893 - Symphony No. 1, Des Knaben Wunderhorn (Premieres). Third version of Symphony No. 1. Second performance.
  3. Weimar: Titan1894 Concert Weimar 03-06-1894 - Symphony No. 1. Third perdormance.

For the 1893 Hamburg and 1894 Weimar performances, Gustav Mahler gave the piece the title "Titan" after the novel by Jean Paul (1763-1825), although Mahler specified that the piece was not in any way 'about' the book.

Some modern performances and recordings give symphony No. 1 the title 'Titan', despite the fact that Mahler only used this label for the two early performances and never after the work had reached its definitive four-movement form in 1896.

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