Performances by Gustav Mahler



  • First edition: Schott music publishers, Mainz 02-1892. This first book, along with the other two, after the death of Mahler was printed with the information shared "Lieder und aus der Gesange Jugendzeit".
  • Together with the booklet "Sieben Lieder aus letzter Zeit" (Seven Songs of Latter Days), which consists of the five Rückert-Lieder and two of the Lieder aus "Des Knaben Wunderhorn", published in 1905, they now make up a collection known as 24 Songs by Mahler, published by International Music Company, New York, NY.

1892. Gustav Mahler score History Lieder fur Singstimme, publisher Schott music publishers.


  • Orchestral versions of a selection of the songs were published by Luciano Berio in 1986 (Five Early Songs for Male Voice) and in 1987 (Six Early Songs for Baritone and Orchestra).
  • Orchestrations of five of the songs were also made by Colin Matthews and David Matthews in 1964.


Album History Lieder fur SingstimmeBruno Walter (1876-1962), Desi Halban is the daughter of Selma Kurz (1874-1933)New York Philharmonic Orchestra (NYPO/NPO).

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