Italian home to the Anna Mahler Foundation in Spoleto (Anna Justine Mahler (Gucki) (1904-1988))

Casa Mahler is a home picked with determination by Anna Justine Mahler (Gucki) (1904-1988) and filled with memories of her grandfather Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). It also serves as the backdrop to elegant international ‘meetings’, and comprises the residences of young artists in every artistic field from all over the world. Marina Havlicek-Fistoulari (1943), Anna’s daughter and visionary owner of the home, is the driving force behind this project.

Casa Mahler is located in the historic city center of the medieval town of Spoleto, and provides a welcoming home to Anna Mahler’s statues, which seem to converse with the rocks with which the history of this ancient’s city magical glimpses is interspersed.