• Soloist: Louise Geller-Wolter (1863-1934)
  • Conductor: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
  • Orchestra: The combined orchestras ot the Krefeld Stadtischen Kapelle and the Cologne Gurzenich Orchestra
  • Chorus: Women's voices ot the Krefeld oratorien verein and the boys chorus of the curch St. Anna
  • Concert number: c150
  • Notes: World premiere of the complete Symphony No. 3. 6 movements; 4th movement: "O Mensch! Gib acht!" from Also sprach Zarathustra (Friedrich Nietzsche); 5th movement: Wunderhorn poem "Lied 12: Es sungen drei Engel einen Sussen Gesang". Es sungen drei Engel poem from Des Knaben Wunderhorn; composed for use in Symphony No. 3; piano version published 1899. An intermission followed the opening movement at the premiere
  • Mahler was called back to the stage twelve times.
  • Highlight of the festival.

In the audience:

1902 Concert Krefeld 09-06-1902 - Symphony No. 3 (Premiere).

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