• Chronology: Year 1885
  • Location: Festival Hall
  • Nature: First concert at the First great music festival in Kassel (29-06-1885, 30-06-1885 and 01-07-1885).
  • Program: Mendelssohn
  • Composition Mahler: No
  • Soloist: Paul Bulss (1842-1902)Heinrich Gudehus (1842-1909)Rosa Papier-Paumgartner (1858-1932)
  • Conductor: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
  • Orchestra: An ad hoc orchestra consisting of players from the Weimar Staatskapelle (SKW), Meiningen and Braunschweig, as wel as the band of the 83rd Infantry Regiment of Kassel (conducted by A. Muller), a total of 80 players
  • Chorus: An ad hoc chorus (430 singers) made up of several choirs. Combined choirs of Kassel, Münden, Nordhausen and Marburg
  • Concert number: c025
  • Notes: The general rehearsel took place at 9 am the same day. The Festival Hall was a military drill hall; it was rebuilt and electric lights were installed for the event, which was an extraordinary novelty in those days

1885 Concert Kassel 29-06-1885. Soloists Music Festival.

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