• Chronology: Year 1893
  • Location: Stadttheater
  • Nature: Annual benefit for Mahler
  • Program: Beethoven
  • Composition Mahler: No
  • Soloist: No
  • Conductor: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
  • Orchestra: Hamburg Stadttheater Orchestra
  • Chorus: Yes
  • Concert number: c054
  • Notes: It was on this occasion that Hans von Bulow (1830-1894), who had snubbed Mahler eight years earlier, publicly acknowledged Mahler-the-conductor with a laurel wreath dedicated "to the Pygmalion of the Hamburg Theater". It has erroneously been assumed that the dedication was printed on the ribbon of the wreath. Hans von Bulow (1830-1894) had in fact scribbled these words on his calling card which is now in the collection of the Brahms institute in Lubeck.

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