• 02-Year 1886.
  • Haus Blaue Rose, Dum modra ruze.
  • There were 3 rooms for rent. 
  • Owner: Family Schulz. 
  • The original barok house demolished in 1912.
  • District: Stare Mesto.
  • Address: Langegasse No. 18, 618/14. Now: Dlouha Trida No. 14 Prague
  • City of Prague map Gustav Mahler

Maher's last place of lodgings in Year 1886. Together with Johannes Elmblad (1853-1910).

Mahler liked it here.

1886-1886 House Gustav Mahler Prague - Langegasse No. 18 (Blue rose house).

Dlouha Trida (Dlouha square).

Dlouha Trida (Dlouha square) direction Langegasse No. 18, 618/14.

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