• Neue Deutsche Theater, New German Theatre, Staatsoper, Státní Opera, Prague State Opera, Nove nemecke divadlo
  • District: Nove Mesto.
  • Address: Wilsonova No. 4 Prague

Built in 1886-1887 and opened in 1888.

Seats 1,900.

See also: Neues Deutsches Theater (State Opera) Orchestra.


  1. 18-08-1888 Die Drei Pintos (5 times in total in Prague).


  1. 1898 Concert Prague 03-03-1898 - Symphony No. 1.
  2. 1899 Concert Prague 04-06-1899.
  3. 1904 Concert Prague 25-02-1904 - Symphony No. 3.


The birth of a magnificent National Theater in 1883 indirectly created a longing among the Prague German community for a German-speaking opera house of its own. At that time the Czech lands were part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and there was a large German minority living in Prague.

On 04-02-1883 the Deutscher Theaterverein was founded with the goal of raising funds for the new theatre. The plans were developed by the well-known Viennese firm Fellner & Helmer along with Karl Hasenauer, architect of the Burgtheater in Vienna. The theater was designed by the Prague architect Alfons Wertmüller and built within 20 months. With its spacious auditorium and elaborate neo-rococo décor, the theater was one of the most beautiful in Europe. Neues Deutsches Theater (State Opera) originally opened in 1888 as the New German Theatre and from 1949 to 1989 it was known as the Smetana Theatre. More recently it was renamed the Prague State Opera. Currently it is home to approximately 300 performances a year.

Neues Deutsches Theatre (State Opera).

Neues Deutsches Theatre (State Opera).

Neues Deutsches Theatre (State Opera).

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