The house of the Moriz Grunfeld (1819-1882) where Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) had board and lodgings while studying at the Neue Stadt Gymnasium.

House Gustav Mahler Prague 1871-1872 (Golden Angel House, Celetna 29).

Celetná (Zeltnergasse) is a street in the Old Town, Prague, connecting the Old Town Square with the Powder Gate. It is one of the oldest streets in Prague.

The house “At the Golden Angel” in Celetna Street (No.29/588) near the Old Town Square has a colorful history. There used to be a popular coaching-inn in the past, and a luxury hotel for the richest Prague visitors later. Many famous personalities, such as W. A. Mozart, stayed in the house.

Knights Templar

Five houses used to stand there originally. Knights Templar lived at the place in the middle ages. There are large medieval basements from that era in the house. It is said, that there are long secret corridors leading to the Church of Our Lady before Tyn. The near street is still called “Templova”.

Mozart in At the Golden Angel

The five houses were joined later and the coaching-inn “At the new tavern” was made inside. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stayed there in 1787, during his first visit of Prague. The House “At the Golden Angel” was rebuilt in Classicist manner in 1860. The renowned Hotel at the Golden Angel was opened there. Among the guests were personalities such as the Danish Queen in 1862, the Greek Queen or the Russian anarchist Bakunin.

House Gustav Mahler Prague 1871-1872 (Golden Angel House, Celetna 29).


The symbol of golden angel at the frontage gave the house its name. The house “At the Golden Angel” has richly decorated frontage facade with several balconies. There are glazed galleries by the courtyard. Carriages and coaches with the prominent guests used to drive into the courtyard in the past.

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