• Soloist: No.
  • Conductor: Gustav Mahler (1860-1911).
  • Orchestra: Ausstellungs orchester (exhibition orchestra), i.e. Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, reinforced by approximately 40 musicians from the Orchestra of the Neues Deutsches Theatre (State Opera), a total of 100 players. Regular conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Vilem Zemanek had prerehearsed the work.
  • Chorus: No.
  • Concert number: c208.
  • Notes: World premiere. The general rehearsal took place at 18-09-1908 at 11:00 pm. The tensions in the Bohemian capital, between Czech an German elements, were reflected within the orchestra itself. Mahler had insisted on a group of a hundred instrumentalists for an event such importance as the world premiere of his new symphony, and a "Exhibition Orchestra" had been formed with musicians from the Orchestra of the Neues Deutsches Theatre (State Opera) and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the members of which disapproved of the very idea of inviting a German-speaking Czech to impose his large-scale symphony upon them.
  • Review in Prager Tagblatt 19-09-1908 by Richard Batka
  • Review in Prager Tagblatt 20-09-1908 by Richard Batka
  • Review in Bohemia 20-09-1908 by Felix Adler
  • Review in Prager Abendblatt 21-09-1908
  • Review in Den 22-09-1908 by Zdenek Nejedly. Page 1-2.
  • Review in Dalibor 31-1908 by A. Silhan. Page 4.
  • Review in Narodni listy 22-09-1908 by A. Silhan
  • Review in Hudebni revue 01-1908 by O. Nebuska. Page 404-405.
  • Review in Cechische Revue III 01-1908 by Zdenek Nejedly. Nr. 2. Page 150-153.

1908 Concert Prague 19-09-1908 - Symphony No. 7 (Premiere).

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