• Wintergarten.
  • Owner: Heinrich Brauer (investor in buildings)
  • District: Nove Mesto.
  • Address: Mariengasse No. 34. Now: Opletalova 1663/38 Prague

1,800 seats.


  1. 1885 Concert Prague 10-10-1885 (piano) in the Wintergarden (Wintergarten), songrecital.
  2. 1886 Concert Prague 18-04-1886 Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, Lieder fur Singstimme (Premieres, piano).

Founded in 1885. Daily concerts by military bands. Also theater balls were held here. In 1890 the hotel stopped. Now a students' residence. The Wintergarten is now the diningroom of the college.

Grand Hotel Brauer.

Grand Hotel Brauer

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