Birthplace of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). Gustav Mahler´s birthplace, *7th July 1860.

Bernard Mahler rented the cottage from Jakub Fischer (domain of Karl Joseph Franz, prince of Palm; estate of Dolní Kralovice). Rebuilt on the original lay-out after fire in 1937. Reconstructed 1997-1998, ceremonially opened on 19-09-1998.

In this house lived:

City of KalisteHouse Gustav Mahler Kaliste 1860 (Birthplace, house No. 9).

City of KalisteHouse Gustav Mahler Kaliste 1860 (Birthplace, house No. 9).

Mahler’s family came from the land below Blanik Hill. The surname “Mahler“ appeared first on a list of Jews of 1793 in the municipality of Chmelna, near Vlasim. The family’s founder, Abraham Mahler (1720-1800) was a synagogue singer who earned his living by preparing kosher foods.

Gustav’s grandfather Simon Mahler (1793-1865) was born in Chmelna in 1793, and after marrying Marie Mahler-Bondy (1801-1883) he went to Lipnice near Nemecky Brod (after 1945 it was renamed Havlickuv Brod). There Bernard Mahler (1827-1889), father of Gustav Mahler, was born in 1827.

In the same year the family moved to Kaliste, near Humpolec, and settled in house No. 52 (demolished in 1980s), which included a distillery. Simon Mahler (1793-1865) was first a tenant, and in 1838 he became the owner of this distillery. The prosperity of his business was also helped greatly by abolition of the harshest laws, which in the revolutionary years of 1848-1849 limited both the movement and the business of Jews.

Gustav’s father, Bernard Mahler (1827-1889) marketed the different types of spirits. The most frequent destination of his journeys was Jihlava. In 1857 Bernhard married Marie Mahler-Herrmann (1837-1889) (born 1837 in Ledec nad Sazavou), the daughter of the rich merchant and soap boiler Abraham Herrmann (1807-1868). Her considerable dowry enabled Bernhard to buy house No. 9, with a pub and a shop, in Kaliste and to set up on his own. In 1858 his son Isidor Mahler (1858-1859) was born, but he died next year. In 1860 his second son, Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), was born.

In the same year both Simon Mahler (1793-1865) and Bernard Mahler (1827-1889) families moved from Kaliste