Natalie Bauer-Lechner (1858-1921) wrote about a visit of Gustav Mahler after 10-1888 (Year 1888)

26-08-1889 Gustav Mahler wrote his mother about his sister going to a doctor.

Leopoldine died a month after Mahlers letter on 27-09-1889.

Otto Mahler (1873-1895) also lived here. After Leopoldine Quittner-Mahler (1863-1889)'s death he moved to Friedrich Fritz Lohr (1859-1924) in the Breitegasse No. 4 where Otto lived in courtyard rooms. See 1890-1902 House Gustav Mahler Vienna - Breitegasse No. 4.

House Ludwig and Leopoldine Quittner - Wallensteinerstrasse No. 7 (1889).

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