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Nina Spiegler (Lipiner-Hoffmann) (1855-1937).

Born: Nina Anna Hoffmann.

Nina Spiegler (Lipiner-Hoffmann) (1855-1937) was the girlfriend of Gustav Mahlers brother Otto Mahler (1873-1895)Otto Mahler (1873-1895) died 06-02-1895 in Vienna at the aged of 21. He shot himself in the head, leaving a note saying that life no longer pleased him so he "handed back his ticket". Commited suicide in the apartment of Nina Spiegler (Lipiner-Hoffmann) (1855-1937) in Vienna.

Nick name: Nanna.

She married twice: 

First marriage: 1881-1885: Married to Siegfried Lipiner (1856-1911). Name: Nina Lipener-Hofmann. He later married Clementine Spiegler, the sister of Albert Spiegler (1856-1940).

In 1888 she exits the Vienna IKG (married, aged 33). IKG is the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien (Vienna Israelite Community). It is the body that represents Vienna’s Orthodox Jewish community. 

Second marriage: 1891-1937: Married (10-08-1891 Bohemia Evangelical-Lutheran church, Prague) to Albert Spiegler (1856-1940). Name: Nina Spiegler-Hofmann. Their son Dr. (Physician) Gottfried Spiegler (born 13-05-1891 Berlin - died 1970, aged 78).

Bruno Walter (1876-1962) called Nina Spiegler (Lipiner-Hoffmann) (1855-1937) " he heart of the Pernerstorfer Circle". She organised dinners at Hartmann restaurant and placed flowers beside Gustav Mahlers' plate. She is five years older than Gustav Mahler.