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Josephine Poisl (1860- after 1880).

Also: Josephina, Josefa.

Gustav Mahler was pianoteacher for both Anna and Josepine Poisl.

00-1879 Mahler fell in love with Josephine Poisl (1860- after 1880) in the summer of 1879.

22-09-1879 and 14-12-1879: Gustav Mahler writes about her to Anton Krisper (1858-1914): “A new name is now inscipted in my heart alongside yours’. 

03-1880: Easter. Gustav Mahler writes to her as “passionately beloved Josephine”. 

03-1880: Mahler composed three songs for her (in a series of five), Lieder fur Tenor:

06-1880 Josephina's father writes Mahler to end the relation. 

Shortly after composing “Lied 3: Maitanz im Grunen” the relation ends.

She married Julius Wallner.