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Clementine Lipiner-Spiegler (1864-1926).

  • Profession:
  • Residences: Vienna.
  • Relation to Mahler:
  • Correspondence with Mahler:
  • Born: 20-08-1864 Vienna, Austria.
  • Died: 14-06-1926 Vienna, Austria.
  • Buried: 17-06-1926 Evangelical cemetery, Vienna, Austria.

Albert Spiegler (1856-1940)'s sister.

Siegfried Lipiner (1856-1911)'s second wife.

Address: Gumpendorferstrasse No. 3, Vienna.


Obituary Clementine Lipiner-Spiegler (1864-1926). 18-06-1926 in the Neue Freie Presse.

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