Ludwig Karpath (1866-1936).

  • Profession: Critic Neue Wiener Tagblatt (1867-1945).
  • Residences: Budapest, New York, Vienna.
  • Relation to Mahler:
  • Correspondence with Mahler: Yes.
    • 00-00-0000, Year 
  • Born: 27-04-1866 Pest, Hungary.
  • Died: 08-09-1936 Vienna, Austria. Aged 70.
  • Buried: 10-09-1936 Central cemetery, Vienna, Austria. Grave 30D-1-7.

Nephew of composer Karl Goldmark, was engaged by Mahler in 1888 as a bass singer in Budapest. Viennese music critic with a special interest in Wagner and a penchant for geniuses.

Ludwig Karpath (1866-1936): The letters of Richard Wagner to a milliner. Interview with the milliner Bertha. A contribution to the life story of Richard Wagner. Harmony, Berlin, 1906.