Alexander Petchnikov (1873-1949).

  • Profession: Violinist.
  • Relation to Mahler: Worked with Gustav Mahler.
  • Correspondence with Mahler:
  • Born: 00-00-1873 
  • Died: 00-00-1949 
  • Buried: 00-00-0000 
  1. 1902 Concert St Petersburg 27-03-1902.

Also: Petschnikov, Petschnikoff.

In 1895 he toured the US with his wife.

His stradivarius arrived to USA with a Russian violinist Alexander Petchnikov in 1895 who toured America with his wife. The first performance of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto was performed in Chicago by A. Petchnikov on this violin on December 8, 1899 with the Chicago Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Theodor Thomas.

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